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From the 17 December 2016, we cover all of the towns in the Coromandel Peninsula including Thames, Whangamata, Tairua, Pauanui, Whitianga, Hahei and the surrounds to conduct inspections of your home or property.

Thermal Imaging

The most reliable fault detection technology

Thermal imagingOur inspectors are fully certified users of thermal imaging technology, which is the industry’s most superior method of detecting moisture, leaks or electrical hot spots in a building. If your home is leaky or you suspect moisture through damp areas, we can give you precise information about where the moisture occurs and what you can do to fix it.

We detect for you:

  • Moisture issues located in walls (both exterior and interior), floors and ceilings
  • Electrical faults in switches, motors, fuses, transformers, circuit breakers, control equipment, circuit operating devices
  • Areas where insulation is poor or non-existent
  • Structure faults (exterior, interior, joinery and roofing)



Building Inspections

Ensure your property is the quality you expect it to be

Building Inspections

Whether you are a home buyer and would like a full report on your potential purchase or whether you have just completed a build and would like to ensure your home is water-tight with the finest workmanship, we are here to help you. Our fully qualified LBP builders specialise in the detection of any moisture, leaks or electrical faults in your building and use the best thermal imaging equipment to get answers and results for you.

Our inspectors will provide you with a thorough home or property inspection followed by a written report of your home or building.

Meth Inspections and Testing

Is your home free of P?

Mess Inspections

The use and manufacture of methamphetamine in properties is a major concern for any owner or buyer including landlords, tenants and home-buyers. Recognizing the scale of the problem, the Real Estate Institute is calling for a Warrant of Fitness system for houses on the market to enforce standard meth testing. Meth inspections are an affordable and necessary step to ensure that your property will not cause future medical and financial hardships.

Our methamphetamine testing is comprehensive and reliable. We analyze several samples at an independent laboratory that meets industry standards for the most reliable results. This lab test will identify whether or not your property is meth-infected

Cost for initial inspection: $130 + gst.